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Pez Grande Pez Pequeño Spanish story

Listen to the story; can you understand any words ? Pause the video to see if you can guess the animal names ! What is the Spanish word for big ? What is the Spanish word for small ? Did you notice what happens to the adjective in Spanish ? It is usually after the noun in Spanish so instead of saying BIG FISH in Spanish we say FISH BIG ! ( pez grande) .

Soy Demasiado Grande 2 - I’m Too Big Spanish Story part 2

This story is in Spanish . Listen to it and look at the pictures . Can you understand any words ? You could pause the video and try to repeat each page in Spanish ! ( Shhh , it’s a secret ....The English is at the top of the page if you are stuck .) What do you think the message of this story might be ?

Soy Demasiado Grande 1 - I’m Too Big

Spanish story part 1 introduction and vocabulary . Listen and repeat .

Saint George’s Day in Spain

Find out how Sant Jordi is celebrated in Catalunya in Northern Spain .

Saint George’s Day Spanish Challenge

Where in Spain do they celebrate Saint George’s Day ? Why ? How do they celebrate ?

Draw a rainbow in Spanish

Mira y dibuja un arco iris con María y Carlos . Watch and draw a rainbow with María and Carlos.

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