Roald Dahl Torrisholme Treasury: A collection of extracts, poems & stories

Welcome, welcome one and all, to our Roald Dahl Torrisholme Treasury

This collection of material is not intended to be shared in any way or redistributed. We miss reading to you all in class so instead, we are doing it remotely until we can reunite once more... very soon 😀. Enjoy listening to, and reading, some of Roald Dahl’s most splendiferous stories and pooflebang poems!

'The Three Farmers' Chapter 1, Fantastic Mr Fox, read by Mrs Marriott

An extract from ‘Boy tales of childhood’ The bicycle and the sweet shop

Ms Crozier reads Chapter 1 of Matilda

Bruce Bogtrotter and the Cake from Matilda read by Mrs Rogers

I chose this chapter from Matilda because the Trunchbull, who is a mean old monster, meets her match with Bruce.

Fantastic Mr Fox, ch 2

I hope you enjoy this chapter. Be good and we’ll see you soon x

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🇪🇸Spanish with Señora Pitcher🇪🇸

Pez Grande Pez Pequeño Spanish story

Listen to the story; can you understand any words ? Pause the video to see if you can guess the animal names ! What is the Spanish word for big ? What is the Spanish word for small ? Did you notice what happens to the adjective in Spanish ? It is usually after the noun in Spanish so instead of saying BIG FISH in Spanish we say FISH BIG ! ( pez grande) .

Soy Demasiado Grande 2 - I’m Too Big Spanish Story part 2

This story is in Spanish . Listen to it and look at the pictures . Can you understand any words ? You could pause the video and try to repeat each page in Spanish ! ( Shhh , it’s a secret ....The English is at the top of the page if you are stuck .) What do you think the message of this story might be ?

Soy Demasiado Grande 1 - I’m Too Big

Spanish story part 1 introduction and vocabulary . Listen and repeat .

Saint George’s Day in Spain

Find out how Sant Jordi is celebrated in Catalunya in Northern Spain .

Saint George’s Day Spanish Challenge

Where in Spain do they celebrate Saint George’s Day ? Why ? How do they celebrate ?

Draw a rainbow in Spanish

Mira y dibuja un arco iris con María y Carlos . Watch and draw a rainbow with María and Carlos.

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